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Community Solar Project


A Rainy Ribbon Cutting

We celebrated our new Community Solar Project with a ribbon cutting on Thursday April 20, 2017 with our member supporters and Board of Directors. Thank you to those who came to participate!




The Sun is Shining on your Solar Array and Producing Power!

Community Solar Panels were constructed and hooked up to the grid 
March 21 and 22.  Viking Electric, loaded with 120 panels, came to Crow Wing Power on Monday, March 21 and installed them onto the posts that had been set in February.  It was a beautiful sunny day.  The next day, work was done to install and connect the electrical components and metering equipment.  By late afternoon solar production began and the meter was moving and recording this historic event.

We waited a little to inform you to make sure everything was running properly before we announced the successful commissioning.  

SUBSCRIBERS: For those of you who have purchased shares - Congratulations!  Your credits will begin showing on your electric bills you receive in May for the month of April and the days of production in March.  You'll also receive a separate letter from us soon with an invitation to an April "subscriber event" where you'll learn how to access more detailed output data.

Monitor the solar production by using the quick link at the top right of this page or click the Solar eGauge logo below!

Solar eGauge logo and link


February 21, 2017 Construction Began on Our Community Solar Project.


Viking Electric from Spring Grove is the contractor installing our solar array.  Frost blankets were put down before the cold weather arrived last fall, so we would be able to put the anchors in early this year. And that happen February 21, 2017!  Next comes the rails and the panels! We are scheduled have our Community Solar Project completed this spring.

Below are the pictures of the anchors going in.








Last year we began selling shares in a new Community Solar Project and within a few months we were 100% sold out.


New members wishing to be put on a waiting list for a potential phase two that would not occur until we construct the first 120 panel phase and get the first Community Solar Project up and running can be put on a waiting list.  Details of the offerings are below.  No money down will be accepted at this time for a potential phase two. To be placed on a waiting list click the icon at the bottom of the page.  





Investing in the Community Solar Array gives members who want to be involved the opportunity to reap the benefits of Solar Renewable Energy without having to put panels on their own property.For those that have been interested in having a stake in a Community Solar Project, shares are now available for purchase from Crow Wing Power. After careful study, we determined that we have a substantial amount of support from a certain segment of our members who wish to participate and have ownership in a Community Solar Array.


PHASE 1 Questions and Answers:


Q. Where will the Community Solar Array be built and how large is it?
A. The solar array will be built on Crow Wing Power property along Hwy 371. It will be visible from the highway on the west side of our headquarter building. The initial array will consist of 120 panels. Each panel is approximately six feet by four feet making the total array approximately 4,500 square feet.

Q Why would Crow Wing Power be involved in building and selling shares in a community solar array, when renewable energy costs more than traditional electricity?
A. We did extensive surveys of our members at the beginning of the year and found a substantial amount of support from a select group of members that were very committed to solar energy and said they would pay additional money to be a part of a green project such as this.

Q How much energy is the solar array anticipated to produce?
A. The anticipated output is 400 to 440 kWhs/year per share. As a point of reference, an average household uses 10,080 kWhs /year of electricity.

Q What monthly credit can a member anticipate receiving for the output produced by a community solar share?
A.  Participants will receive a bill credit for the amount of solar energy their subscription produces (Current calculations show that to be approximately $4.00/month to $4.50/month.)

Q What is the cost of purchasing a share and what does that cover?      
A.  Subscription cost of one share is $1300. Crow Wing Power will take care of maintenance and insurance. The contract is for 20 years. Payback depends on the future price of electricity and solar energy produced.

QCan I buy a one-half share or more than one share of the community solar array?
A. You can purchase from one-half share up to, but not to exceed, your kWh use. Maximum shares will be determined by comparing the estimated annual output of the solar share(s) the the annual General Service use historically consumed at the service address. (An average member uses 10,080 kWhs/year in electricity.)

Q Can I make a down payment and pay the balance later?
A.  Members can elect to pay in full when signing the contract, or they can elect to pay a partial amount as a down payment with the balance due and payable by April 1, 2017.  Each full share will require a $500 down payment and 1/2 share will require a $250 down payment.Members will receive a monthly invoice after making their down payment, showing the amount yet due allowing multiple payment opportunities prior to April 1, 2017. 

Q What do I do next to subscribe to a share or shares in the solar array project?
A.  Members who wish to participate must call our customer service department. Our representatives can help members decide how much to purchase and send members a contract to review before enrolling.

Q When will the solar array be built and commence operations?
A.  We will begin construction once 80% of the array is subscribed, or when 80 shares have been subscribed.

Q Why wait until 80 shares are sold to commence building?
A.  Crow Wing Power members that do not wish to participate or pay additional money to be a part of this renewable energy project will not be burdened by the added cost of a community solar array. Only members that wish to be a part of the project will financially support it.

         QCan I buy shares and gift it to my favorite charitable organization or another family?
         A.   If that organization or family lives in Crow Wing Power's service territory and is a members, then you can purchase shares on their behalf.  The total amount you can purchase can be no more than     that service location's annual electric use allows. 

Signing up is easy. After calling our Customer Service Department at 218-829-2827 or 1-800-648-9401 to determine your electric needs and matching that to the amount of shares you desire to purchase, we will send you a twenty-year contract. You will be able to pay for your share(s) by credit card or check. You can review the contract online, but you must call us to purchase your share(s).  View contract as a PDF, Click Here > >





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