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Metering Upgrade Will Improve Service





Crow Wing Power (CWP) is always looking at utilizing proven technology to improve our service to members. Therefore, we have been addressing our current end-of-life automated metering system and recently signed a contract for an updated automated metering system. This technology will help us serve you better, with improved efficiency, reliability and power quality.

Crow Wing Power will begin implementation of the metering system in March. Our existing metering system was installed in the mid-1990s and has reached its end of life. After a rigorous evaluation of metering systems, we have selected a system that will be capable of two-way communication and offer features such as remote service disconnect, voltage readings, demand readings, blink counts, and real time meter readings.

This project will take three years to complete as we migrate in several phases. We will contract with a third party metering company to complete the meter exchanges in 2018 through 2020. Their vehicles will have signage designating them as a CWP contractor so that our membership will know they are acting on behalf of CWP.

The impact of the project is minimal. Some Cooperative members can expect to lose power for a few minutes on the day of the meter exchange. You may need to reset electronic devices such as digital clocks. In addition, after installation, your new electric bill will show two meter readings: one from the old meter and one from the new meter.

We will not need access to your home or business, nor will you need to be on-site when crews perform this work, however as a courtesy we will knock on your door prior to exchanging the meters. Some additional benefits of the system upgrade are:

• We will be able to get a meter reading within a few minutes when a member is transferring out of a location, to calculate a final bill for them more quickly.

• Improved Member Service: The new system will allow CWP to offer members more timely information regarding their energy consumption in Smart Hub, allowing them to make wise decisions about how they use energy.

• Improved Reliability: Having two-way communication with the AMI meters will enhance CWP’s outage management system by narrowing the location of outages more quickly and verify restorations. 

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