PrePay is a convenient payment method that allows you to pay as you go. 

You will benefit by having greater control over your budget. Instead of paying a monthly bill, PrePay allows you to pay in smaller amounts, through your Crow Wing Power SmartHub account many times through the month. Or if you prefer to build up credit, you can prepay several months in advance.

No Deposits

That's right! No deposit. Members with no credit history with Crow Wing Power may be required to pay a security deposit of $175 or more to establish service. PrePay members have no deposit and no late fees. Just pay for your electricity up front, then make payments. 

Pay on Your Terms

PrePay for your electricity when it's convenient for you -- using your SmartHub account online or mobile app. You will not receive a standard monthly electric billing statement. Instead, you'll receive text or email messages when your account balance falls below $25. You can make a small payment or make a larger payment to prepay several months in advance. You pay the same electric rates as current residential members with Crow Wing Power.

Manage Your Electric Use and Balance Your Budget

Get text and email messages when your balance gets below $25. Log into your SmartHub account for balance and electric use information, make payments and manage your low-balance notifications.

For More Information or to Sign-Up for PrePay

Contact our Billing Department at (218) 829-2827 or (800) 648-9401.

A Crow Wing Power SmartHub account is required for a PrePay account. SmartHub is more than a bill payment system, it delivers convenient account management and detailed electric use in an all-in-one, easy-to-use portal.



PrePay is for members who don’t want to or are unable to pay deposits to get the power on. It’s also a good option for members who want more control over their monthly power bills. One of the benefits of PrePay is increased awareness of your everyday energy use and, as studies have shown, people using prepaid energy plans have reduced their usage by up to ten percent. PrePay members must have a Crow Wing Power SmartHub account to make payments and a cell phone to receive text messages.

Yes. We have a PrePay Agreement that outlines specific aspects and waivers you will be subject to.

Most residential members are eligible for PrePay. If you rent, your landlord must be notified that you are participating in PrePay and will be provided information on the status of the account if requested.

Some restrictions do apply, ineligible members include accounts on Medical Alert, solar or co-gen accounts, commercial accounts, budget billing and auto-pay are also not eligible.

Yes. You must start your account with a minimum of $25. In the event that your account is disconnected, you must put in enough to bring your balance to $25.

Of course! All you have to do is contact Crow Wing Power Billing Department and request a PrePay account. We will calculate the total amount owed using your current meter reading along with the minimum PrePay amount of $25 to begin your PrePay account. Any security deposit that may be on your account will be credited to your new PrePay account for the current amount owed and the $25 minimum.

Yes. You will receive regular text, and if desired, emails letting you know anytime your PrePay account falls below the $25 threshold. You can also log in to your SmartHub account online, or the mobile app anytime to check your balance and electric use.

There are several ways to deposit funds into your PrePay account. We accept Visa or MasterCard online through your SmartHub account or the SmartHub mobile app.

Or use our SecurePay line by calling 844-834-4461.

Payments by check/drafts and autopay are not permitted.

You will not receive a standard monthly electric billing statement. Instead, you'll receive text and email messages when your account balance falls below $25. It will be up to you to monitor your account balance using SmartHub online or mobile or by phone using SecurePay.

It is up to you to monitor your account and keep your contact methods current. Pay attention to low balance alerts and to make sure your account remains with a positive balance of at least $25. If your account reaches a negative balance, immediate disconnection will occur.

Crow Wing Power is not responsible for loss or damage from disconnection or reconnection.

To reconnect your account, make a payment bringing your balance to a minimum of $25. As soon as payment is received the meter will be immediately reconnected and power restored. There are no disconnection, reconnection, or late fees unless assistance from Crow Wing Power is needed for power restoration.

If your account is disconnected for seven days or more, a final bill will be mailed, and payment is required by the statement due date.