Water heating can be a major expense for your household. Crow Wing Power has an off-peak water heater program that could save you hundreds of dollars every year. In addition to lower operating costs, off-peak electric water heaters' advantages include; no venting or fuel lines, cheaper to install than gas heaters, quiet and dependable.


The Off-Peak Water Heating program conserves energy by heating water during off-peak hours when electric costs are the lowest. Your water heater will heat overnight and then distribute hot water throughout the day.

  • Participants must have at minimum 100 gallons of equivalent water storage. A Member Service Representative can help to size your system to insure it supplies enough hot water for your family. Crow Wing Power stocks several sizes of electric water heaters and we may have special pricing on water saving accessories. Contact us for pricing and availability.
  • This program requires the installation of a separate meter and load control switch.
  • Charging time (when the system is heating the stored hot water) runs for 8 hours per day. Contact us for specific timing. 
  • Participants receive electricity used for water heating at a discounted rate of 4.45¢/kWh. 
  • Rebates available.

This table shows the price you would need to purchase fuel at to beat the discounted rate for water heating on the Off-Peak program of 4.45¢/kWh.

As an example, if you have a high-efficiency furnace compared to the Off-peak electric rate of 4.45¢/kWh, you'd have to pay no more than $1.17/therm for natural gas, $1.12/gallon for propane and $1.56/gallon for fuel oil.

Cost comparison chart for Off-Peak Water Heating.

Rates are subject to change.


Contact our Member Service department during business hours at (800) 648-9401.

Crow Wing Power’s off-peak programs offer a lower electric rate, making electricity one of the most stable and cost-effective energy sources available. You can save up to 60% as compared to standard electric rates.