CALL OR TEXT 'OUT' TO (800) 648-9401

Crow Wing Power has a strong reliability record, however, there are many reasons why even the best utilities experience outages. Most outages occur during storms that produce high winds which can cause trees to fall into power lines. We encourage our members to report power outages, so our outage management system can guide crews to areas they need to address.

Tips for Reporting an outage

Check your fuses and circuit breakers. If your power does not come back on after you have reset the circuit breaker or changed the fuses, take a moment to check if your neighbors’ homes and nearby yard lights are also without power before informing the Cooperative.

  • Turn off or disconnect any appliances you were using when the outage occurred. Leave one light on so you will know when the power has been restored.

  • We will do everything possible to restore service quickly. Please help minimize calls to the Cooperative by calling a second time only if your neighbors’ power comes back on and your service has still not been restored.


Members that have a valid mobile number in our system can text in their outage and receive status updates on a current outage. 

- If you are experiencing an outage. Text Keyword 'OUT' to 800-648-9401. 

  • With a successful transaction, you'll receive this message: Which Address: (A) 1234 Street RD? Reply OTHER or A.
  • If response is A, you will receive this message: 1234 Street RD: Thank you. Your outage has been reported. Outage Map (link) or Reply Help for more info.

- Text Keyword 'STATUS' to 800-648-9401 There are several different responses dependent on your outage situation.

If restoration times are not known—you'll receive this message: 

  • With a successful transaction, you'll receive this message: 1234 Street RD: CWP is aware of your outage. Outage Map (link). Reply HELP 4 info. 

If restoration times are known—you'll receive this message: 

  • With a successful transaction, you'll receive this message: 1234 Street RD: CWP is aware of your outage. Outage Map (link) Reply Help 4 info. Estimated Restore Time (day, date, time)

- Text Keyword 'HELP' to 800-648-9401 

  • With a successful transaction, you'll receive this message: Reply OUT to report an outage, STATUS for an outage update or QUIT to opt-out. Click (link) for additional info or call 800-648-9401.

- Text Keyword 'QUIT' to 800-648-9401

  • To opt out of this service. You can text keyword 'QUIT'. You will be able to opt-in at a later date if you so choose.

If the outage is widespread, our telephone lines may be busy when you call. Please be patient, your call is important to us. In the event of substantial devastation, we will communicate an update to the local media as soon as we can determine the situation. In addition, outage updates are often posted on the Crow Wing Power Facebook page.


After a storm, Crow Wing Power is committed to restoring your power as quickly and as safely as possible. For those who want to help in that effort, here are some dos and don'ts to keep everyone — the public and the repair crews — safe.

  • Report Outages. Let us know when your power is out by calling or texting OUT to 1-800-648-9401
  • Stay Safe. Stay well away from sites where crews are working.
  • Report Damage. Report any downed power lines, broken poles or safety concerns that may help us by calling our 800 number. The text notification service is only able to respond to four TEXT keywords (OUT, STATUS, HELP, and QUIT) 
  • Social Media. Use Crow Wing Power’s Facebook and Twitter for the latest updates on power outages. We monitor and update those regularly during large outage situations. 
  • When calling to report an outage it’s helpful if we have your current phone number being used for locating your outage.
  • Please don’t interfere with repair crews while they work. That includes asking them to explain what they are doing or asking when the power will be restored at your house. Every minute spent answering those questions is a minute taken away from restoring service. Instead, visit our Outage Map or social media pages for the latest updates on power restoration in your area.
  • Don’t attempt to assist by cutting fallen trees away from power lines. Always assume a power line is energized and dangerous, even when power is out in that area. Anything touching the line can conduct electricity—including trees, human bodies, vehicles, and the ground—and pose a danger of electrocution.

Q: What is the Text Notification service?

The Text Notifications service is a program that is allowing us to send and receive test messages concerning power outages.

Q: Is there a service fee?

Crow Wing Power does not charge a fee to receive text messages. However, your cell phone carrier may charge you to send and receive text messages. Contact your carrier for more details. Message and data rates may apply.

Q: Do I have to be a registered SmartHub User? 

In order to send and receive text messages, members must have a valid number on their account. Registered SmartHub users can verify and add mobile numbers to their account in the profile tab when logged in. Members without a SmartHub account can add their mobile number by calling our billing department at 218-829-2827.

Q: What if I have multiple accounts/service locations? (house, shop, barn, business, etc.)

When you text OUT, the system will give you the option to select which location is affected. 

  • EX Message: OUT: Which Address: (A) 1234 Street Dr : (B) 5678 Road Way :Other

Q: What if I do not receive a reply response to my OUT text message?

This might mean an unsuccessful transaction and the message has not been received. If you need to report an outage, please call 1-800-648-9401.

Q: What if my mobile number is not on the account and I opt in?

You will receive the following message: Welcome to Crow Wing Power's outage notifications. Please have primary account member call the billing department to update phone numbers on the account. 1-800-648-9401.

Q: Can I opt in after opting out?

Yes, if you opt out of this service and decide later you'd like to opt in, please text CWPTEXT to 800-648-9401 and follow the prompts by replying with answers to the questions.