RightS-of-Way Program

Crow Wing Power maintains an aggressive Rights-of-Way program that helps to provide reliable and efficient electricity. A right-of-way is the physical land area within a route that is needed to construct and operate energy facilities. We strive to sustain a six to seven-year rotation schedule where we revisit and maintain power line corridors for our approximate 2,500 miles of overhead power lines. 

While trees add significantly to the beauty of our communities, they are also responsible for costly property damage as well as dangerous power outages. In fact, tree failure is by far the leading cause of outages nationwide. A tree that grows into electrical conductors presents a potential hazard to you and others in the community if it becomes energized or wipes out a power line. 

Tree Trimming

  • Three crews (plus contractors) work to regularly maintain the Rights-of-Way program.
  • Members can and should call the cooperative at 218-829-2827 to remove trees that have the potential of interfering with service. 
  • Brush is recycled into chips in compliance with our ongoing concern for the environment. 
  • Our policy is to provide rights-of-way clearing that’s adequate to maintain quality electric service. We clear trees within 20 feet minimum of either side of the power line and remove anything weakened or threatening outside 20 feet. We are on a six to seven-year clearing cycle. 

Letters are sent to landowners prior to clearing rights-of-ways and encourage our members to contact the Cooperative with special needs or concerns. 

We've created a video to show the process and to give members a better understanding of how and why we clear right-of-ways.



The use of herbicides proves to be cost-effective in helping to prevent regrowth after the right-of-way has been cleared of unwanted vegetation. There are several safe methods of application available such as cut stubble, basil bark, foliar, stump treatment, etc. All products used are EPA certified and environmentally friendly, helping ensure maximum safety for both the environment and Crow Wing Power’s members. Each method works well when used in the right place at the right time. All herbicides are applied by experienced, licensed applicators. 

Planting Trees

Trees provide great value for conserving energy, by acting as winter wind barriers or creating summer shade. Not to mention the beautification of one's property. When planting trees be aware of their placement and growth potential.